Here at Elworth we take the children on a chronological journey through the ages from year 1 to year 6. Starting at the dawn of time we teach right through the eras to the present day and this is reflected in our displays through our central timeline corridor in the middle of the school. We base the history curriculum on the core knowledge programme; embedding grounded historical knowledge in addition to key skills such as enquiry, evaluation, questioning and chronology. 

History is a hands on and enquiry based. We provide experiential learning which will engage the children and secure those key facts; this could include exciting trips such as becoming a Roman soldier in the ancient town of Chester to escaping from Egyptian treasure tombs broght in by external partners. We ensure our topics enthuse and intrigue our children at the rights age and stage.  Extended writing opportunities are taken throughout all history based topics which are used to enrich and strengthen the children's understanding of that era of study.

At Elworth, we introuduce our topics with a Topic Week.  These weeks immerse the children in History and are full of activities and experiences to get our learning off to a brilliant beginning!