Week ending 17th November 2017

What Class 3 have enjoyed this week:

This week we have been exploring the theme for our class assembly - though I'm not going to say what it is! We have really enjoyed using the internet to research a small section of the assembly in our groups and deciding on the important information we want to have in our script. Next week we will be rehearsing this ready for Friday, when parents are welcome to come to see us perform at 2:30pm.

We also made a start on our artwork imspired by Peter Thorpe, using paint and pastels. These pieces of abstract art feature lots of planets and rockets, with bright and bold colours. They should really help our sketchbooks to stand out!

Some of our children have also been selling a collection of homemade items (including some rather yummy cakes!) to raise money for Children In Need. This has been a fantastic success and the children should be really proud of their efforts to raise money for charity.

All week, we have been wearing odd socks to remind ourselves that we are all different and all equal. This has been our theme for anti-bullying this week and on Friday, Class 3 spent the afternoon discussing a philosophical question: Why do good friends sometimes become bullies? This was a fantastic discussion and we listened carefully to each other's ideas. We would like to do more lessons like this in the future and discuss more questions like this about other topics too.

Some of us also had a great time in maths this week as it has given us some new challenges. Break time has also been great, as it's nice to spend time with our friends from other classes.


In the week to come, we will be further exploring our theme for our class assembly as well as completing our Peter Thorpe art work. 

A note from Mrs Morgan:

Thank you for all the hard work this week, Class 3! You have all done some wonderful research for our class assembly and I'm looking forward to getting even more stuck into it next week.