Internet Safety


Check out these websites to find more information about e-safety.


Key Stage 1 

Watch Hector and his friends learning how to use their computers safely.


Key Stage 2

Visit the cool cyber cafe where you can help keep the characters safe when using new technology.

Virtual Learning Environment


Using our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE):

All children are given their own personal login to the school website (to access our VLE - Virtual Learning Environment). Children can then login to our VLE to view discussion posts and homework items posted by their teacher. Children can reply to these discussions and view posts made by other children, educating themselves not only on the subject content but also in ICT and how the internet works. The children are also able to create their own discussion posts for their peers to contribute to, enabling the children to intreact with each other online and securely. The discussions created by the children are monitored and the children are able to report any discussions that they feel break our rules.  

We are all really excited to use the school VLE to support our learning. It’s very important that we keep the school VLE a safe and secure place to work.

Please follow our rules:

  1. Only write positive comments, don’t be mean or offensive – “It’s nice to be nice”

  2. No inappropriate language – contributing to our school VLE is a privilege, please don’t abuse it.

  3. Don’t write your address or any other person’s address or other information – do not share personal information.

  4. No text talk – please make sure you write in full sentences and check your replies before sending them.  Any non-standard English will be deleted – just imagine you’re writing in class!

What do you think about them? Have we missed anything out? Do you disagree with anything?

If you have any more concerns about the security of the VLE then please feel free to have a chat with Mrs Cunniffe