Pupil Voice Survey

Pupil Voice Survey – S Mace

At the end of the Autumn Term, I carried out a pupil voice survey to find out the children’s views on their learning, curriculum, behaviour, homework, clubs and activities. All KS2 children completed the questions, whilst those in KS1 were given fewer questions which were discussed with their class teacher who reported back to me.

The responses showed many strengths, predominant among which were:

  • I learn a lot at school

  • I know who I can go to if I have a problem

  • I feel safe at school

  • My teachers show me how to improve my work

  • I enjoy school

  • I enjoy writing

  • I feel loved

  • I enjoy school trips

     There were also areas which the children felt could be improved upon, including:

  • People need to be better behaved – in the classroom and out on the playground

  • A desire for more ‘fun’ days

  • Wide differences in responses to ‘I enjoy reading’

    In response to the outcomes, I have been working with the school prefects in order to work with our pupils to formulate effective actions to address the problem areas. The prefects met with me after talking to other pupils to report back on their ideas.

    Together, we have come up with the start of a series of actions that we will be beginning to put into place after half term.

  • Put up posters in corridors to remind pupils to walk safely and sensibly, on the left.

  • Buy books – pupils to recommend (link to lunchtime reading)

  • To have a room that can be used for lunchtime reading, led by the reading champions – Eliza/Elijah

  • To create a playground rules sign to be designed by school council, midday assistants and playground leaders.

  • Create a standards of behaviour posters for all KS2 learning areas

I will repeat the pupil survey towards the end of the summer term to review improvements.

Could I also remind all parents to complete the parent questionnaire on our website.

Sally Mace