Pupil Voice

What do children think about their school life at Elworth? Here are a range of opinions and views from some of our older pupils.

'My role in school is on the worship council. I help children to understand about God, the Bible, reflection and just about things that hapen in their lives. I like to help people and make a difference.' Molly R aged 10

'I am really excited about our links with Rwanda. There are many children who are orphans, their Mum's and Dad's died from HIV. I would like to help these children have a better education and life. I think I could inspire our school to raise money.' Rebecca aged 9

'Hello I'm Eve and I love being part of the Worship council because it makes me feel like a belong to our school even more. I love being challenged in Maths. It is hard but fun. Mr Rogers does lots of different stuff. I have great friends!' Eve aged 10.

'Hi I'm Millie and I am one of the red house captains. I like being a house captain because when your house wins by having the most counters for the term you celebrate a non-uniform day, when the rest of the school is in uniform.' Millie aged 11

'As a play leader we help children who have no one to play with. We have a lot of different games they can play: bounce hoppers, frizbee net, skipping ropes, and much more.  With the younger children we help them learn to play. We use  dominos, stilts, a foam  target game . Everyone enjoys all the activitys to do and I find it very fun.' Katie aged 11

'Hi I am Sophie, I am one of the safety officers at my school. At our school we have four safety officers me, Maria, Tilly and Bailey. Our job is to make children aware of risks and help them live more safely. A big part of our job is to present in assemblies. Our last assembly was about road safety.  We also design  completions; my favourite was the best and brightest  jacket design. We chose jackets we thought were best for road safety.' Sophie aged 11