21 Challenges

The 21 Challenges: things to achieve this year!


This year we are challenging all the children to take part in a difficult but worthwhile learning adventure. Their aim is to try and achieve 21 different challenges,  in 5 very different areas of learning which are:

Responsibility, Resilience, Reflective, Resourceful,

Each challenge must be evidenced in their 21 Challenge  Book and signed by parents/carers. The evidence could a poster, mini-book, photographs, leaflets, a diary extract – encourage creative responses! Completing 21 different challenges, at least four from each area, will result in the pupil receiving an amazing challenge medal at the end of the school year.


Your books are colour coded depending on your school year group.  We will be suggesting some new challenges in school which you can include in your challenge book. We have devised a number of challenges for you to do and ask you to complete at least four from each category.  

You will need evidence to show that you have completed the challenge - this could be a photo, a certificate or a signature/comment from an adult. Fill in the pages in your book - one for each challenge – there are extra pages if you need them!

Good luck and enjoy learning. Homework doesn't have to be boring!

Mr Garratt